Hard Wax and Soft Wax – Know More About It

Are you tired of going to the salon to get waxed? I have found some amazing wax that you can definitely do at home. Moreover, there are 2 different types of wax, hard wax vs soft wax which I’ll tell you more about. So, you have a choice which one you want to use. You can check my review below about the brands of wax I have tried.

The difference between hard wax and soft wax

Hard wax may take some time to use since you still need to wait for it to get hard. But it won’t hurt that much, when you remove it with the hair (No screaming time for us). It’s mostly used on the face (but can still be used on the body) since the hair is just small, and because hard wax only clings on your hair not with your skin. Whereas in soft wax it is the strip one type, all you need to do is to put and pull the hair that you want to be remove, so you can do it on your own. It’s cold when you put it on your skin but just be ready when you remove it because of the little pain that you feel at the very start.

My brands for hard wax and soft wax

My first favorite brand on hard wax is the Fèmiro Hard Wax Beans, because it’s not hard to use even if it’s your first time waxing yourself. You just need to melt the wax then stir it with a stick or spatula, and apply (you can even use your hands) it to your legs or chest. Plus, the great thing is that it has no bad smells, and no need to wax again for 3 weeks. My second favorite brand is the Blue Bikini Babe, because of its relaxing smell that makes you feel like you’re at the sea. Just like the Fèmiro, it really does the job right and is totally good for the skin, because it has the natural carnauba wax from Brazil.

I also use soft wax because there are places in our body that is better to use soft wax. Mostly I’m using Natural Azulene Soft Wax and Essential Rosin Wax Oil Lavender, which is both good for you if you have that sensitive type of skin. The Essential Rosin is even anti-inflammatory and has anti-bacterial, so you can make sure that it will be good for your skin. If you want to use soft wax, then you have 3 options to do it which are; strips, cold and heated. It will really depend on which one it will really suite you, so make sure to read the instructions before using it.


Using a wax will depend on how your skin reacts to it, during and after the application. So, for now I highly recommend those brand that I’ve mentioned above. Remember that if you have a sensitive skin, and if you want a low pain tolerance, it is best to use a soft wax. Comment down your reactions and experience using the above-mentioned products.

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